Sexual Assault and Child Molestation.

 Sexual Assault and Child Molestation. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Of all the reported rape cases in 2009, 93% were rapes of force (URC).

Rape by fraud is a form of rape or sexual assault wherein the woman is made to believe that it is her husband whom she has sex with. Rape, as mentioned, is a woman’s the carnal knowledge in the absence of her consent and is obtained by threats, fraud, force, etc. The fraud here should be consist of certain strategies by which the woman is made to believe that the offender is her spouse (Lee v. State, 1902).

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Sexual Assault and Child Molestation.
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Marital rape also referred to as intimate partner sexual assault, is one that is done or committed by the current or the past partner, whether boyfriend or spouse. It happens when there is forced intercourse within the marriage or the partnership. However, there are still many countries that do not consider marital rape as a crime. In the United States, for instance, rape is defined as sexual conduct forced on an individual other than a wife since the wife sexual consent is presumed.

In acquaintance rape, the offender is usually somebody who the victim knows casually or by sights, such as a colleague or a neighbour. In date rape, the offender is somebody who the victim knows and who the victim has consented to spend time with. Somebody who commits acquaintance rape or date rape can make use of various tactics, such as seeing to it that she is isolated, locking the door, making promises of taking her home from an event or party but taking her someplace else instead. he may threaten the victim with public humiliation, telling her that he will tell their friends that they sexually romantic regardless of what might actually take place. he may pressure her emotionally, saying that if she doesn’t agree, he will leave her. or he may use economic pressure, saying that he deserves sexual intimacy because he paid for their dinner (Huff, 2009).

According to Holmes (1991), sex offenders and rapists are likely to be young men below the age of 30 during the time of the assault.&nbsp. &nbsp.

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