Short-Term and Long-Term Career Goals.

I will pay for the following article Short-Term and Long-Term Career Goals. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The ‘Attainability’, ‘Reasonability’ and the Scope of the specific career goal I have, are well defined. The diverse experiences I had in my career, involved extensive interactions with many middle-sized enterprises. This gives me the awareness that these enterprises are the most vigorous and largest single economic entity. They are facing a new round of reformation. As on understanding this reality, I was quite confident about my short-term career goal. to be the Director of Marketing & Sales of such an enterprise.

In a longer term, I aspire to be the General Manager of a mid-sized enterprise, striving for its strategy formulation and reformation of its business workflows. My role in its corporate culture cultivation and ultimately lifting it from management-driven to capital-driven to bring it to a global stage is well envisaged.

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Short-Term and Long-Term Career Goals.
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The role of a Business Administration expert is proving to be vital in the management of middle-sized enterprises as lack of managerial expertise results in the high death rates of these entities. Many of the middle sized enterprises tried the track of an improvised entrepreneurship. However, pains prevailed around many of them, ending with bankruptcy as they lacked transitional expertise. Marketing & sales are the most important aspect to bring them the cash flow ensuring a safe transit period. A committed renovation of a healthy marketing & sales system can only be done by a business administration expert. I believe that for me to lead an entity to tap new markets and explore new growth points, I need to be trained as a Master in Business Administration. Thus to meet their needs and to realize my career goals, I urgently need to do an MBA.

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