Should Gay Marriage Be Legalized

Should Gay Marriage Be Legalized. Each person is entitled to the same thing as everyone else. Along those same lines, marriage, and the rights of homosexual couples should be regarded in the same way. The only thing that sets these people apart from others is their sexual orientation. If they were to be denied the same rights of heterosexual couples because of their sexual orientation, then, as Americans, we would be risking coming off as liars and being prejudice. Furthermore, our country embraces diversity, and by denying one group privileges that they should be entitled to, we are denying our country the chance to really shine as a diverse, open-minded country.

Unfortunately, the debate for legalizing gay marriage goes much further than how we are viewed as a country, going against our own morals. As aforementioned, civil and equal rights play huge roles in approving of gay couples to become married. Homosexual couples are being denied what should rightfully be theirs (Lauricella, 2010). There really is no law, such as in the Constitution, that states that a homosexual couple cannot married. While states may have it in their constitutions to not recognize same-sex marriage, the United States, as a whole, has nothing to state the same. Therefore, the concept of legalizing gay marriage can be done on a state-by-state basis, as the country’s Constitution is already open for it. This is where the trouble comes in, however. Some states are open for gay marriage, but others are not. There are homosexual couples that can marry in one state, though others that may not be allowed to marry in another state.&nbsp. The equality is there, just not spread out enough.

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Other issues that exist because of gay marriage debates are the rights that homosexual couples have, or do not have. There are some states that not only allow and recognize gay marriages but allow those couples the same rights as heterosexual couples. The few states that offer civil unions, however, do not recognize these rights for the homosexual couples.

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