Should Rich Countries Help the Poor Countries.

The stabilized ones can be classed into the rich countries and the unstabilized ones in the poor countries. It is seen that the poor countries often need help from these rich countries in terms of finance and aid.

The reason why rich countries should help poor countries is because these poor countries are not able to take care of their people. If these rich countries don’t interfere and help the poor countries then the people in these poor countries would suffer. Based on humanitarian views these rich countries have a duty towards all the people of the world and hence they should help the poor countries. Secondly if these poor countries are not helped financially it is possible that terrorism starts rooting out from these countries. These roots of terrorism can also expand to the rich countries which may affect them. Hence for the betterment of these rich countries only it is necessary that they help the poor ones. Thirdly if these rich countries help the poor countries they would be able to have good terms with them and this can help them in increasing their consumer base. It is seen that the population of these third world countries constitutes a large part of the population of this world. Hence if a rich country helps these poor countries they can be assured that their products are being used by the consumers of these poor countries. Hence the economy of the rich countries can also be improved because of this very reason.

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The opponents of this view on the other hand present with opposing points. The opponents propose that the rich countries should not help the poor countries because of the fact that these countries may become stronger and may pose a threat to them in the future. The poor countries may become strong enough to build a military base which can be then used for malicious purposes. In other words it can pose a threat to the whole world. Secondly they also propose that the money sent to the poor countries can rather be used by the rich countries for their own betterment. The rich countries should rather use this money for their own people. This would help these people to benefit in terms of finance. In other words people suffering in these rich countries should be the first priority of these rich countries. Thirdly it is noticed that even if the poor countries are helped by rich ones the money is not utilized in the right place. The reason for this is that the corrupt politicians in these poor countries do not let the money to be utilized efficiently. Hence the rich countries should not provide these poor countries with any kind of help as put by the proponents.

In conclusion it can be said that both the sides have their own viewpoints regarding this topic. In my view the rich countries should help the poor countries based on humanitarian grounds.


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