Should Universities Ban Laptops During Classes.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Should Universities Ban Laptops During Classes. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. A reason to use laptops in classrooms is for better discussions.&nbsp. According to Vanderbilt University, teachers are “enthused about the lively discussions[s], and was struck by the interest the faculty expressed in helping students learn to pay attention in meaningful ways” (pg 2 para 9).&nbsp. Without laptops, discussions can be boring and useless.&nbsp. However, when students bring laptops, for example, they can look up statistics that improve the discussion.&nbsp. According to Brasher, “‘I believe taking away technology is a disservice to my students’” (pg 2 para 7).&nbsp. Without the laptops, the student will not be connected to the real world, especially in their discussions. Laptops provide students with real-time access to data that can dramatically improve and add to class discussions. This permits students to contribute in a way they would not be able to if they did not have access to their laptops and the internet.

Also, using laptops will help students to adopt technology in the future.&nbsp. For example, according to Chapla, Notre Dame is giving students iPads in one classroom (pg 1 para 1).&nbsp. Apple did this to perform research for future uses.&nbsp. As a result, they think students will gain knowledge in technology.&nbsp. Moreover, by not knowing and getting to use laptops now, students will not be able to ignore distractions that they have to deal with in the future. According to Brasher, he noticed that ignoring distractions is important in the work environment. Getting used to distraction is an important skill that employers are looking for in potential employees. Students using the laptop will therefore be better prepared for the future (page 2 para 10).&nbsp.&nbsp.

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There is another important aspect of laptops in the classroom: online education. Online education has undergone vast improvements over the last decade. Initially, online courses were not acknowledged to the level that they are today. It was rare for a college or university to offer an online course. Today the case is a lot different.

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