Shouldice Hospital. 

Shouldice Hospital. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The data indicate that some former patients had been attending the event for over thirty years. The most interesting fact is that out of 100 patients who attend Shouldice hospital one is a doctor. Past data indicates that the large patient turns up at Shouldice hospital is attributed to the efficiency and effectiveness of its service delivery (Chase, Jacobs & Aquilano, 2007). For example, the doctors employ superior techniques such as ambulation to ensure patients recover fist. There is the proper rapport between the nurses and the patient, this attracts patients to come back even after recovering. The management of Shouldice hospital has been faced by two options namely. whether to add one more operating to the hospital schedule or to add a second floor to the hospital by increasing bed capacity by 50%. Based on the Shouldice hospital data it can be observed that there are 5 major rooms for operation. The first room is utilized by a patient for recovery purposes, the second one is the laboratory where patients are tested blood and other samples are tested to determine the disease that they could be suffering (Schumpelick & Fitzgibbons, 2007). There are other 6 rooms where patient’s health condition is examined. The data further indicates that the hospital had been having an average of ninety beds. This could only allow the doctors at Shouldice hospital to carry out 40 operations each day and an average of 7000 medical operations each year (Robert and Richard, 2012).

Therefore, adding one operation day could increase the hospital capacity by 20%. This means that the current hospital capacity will be optimally utilized, this indicates that per year the hospital will be able to serve 1500 patients. However, it might be assumed that increasing an extra working day (Saturday) without increasing doctor’s remuneration could make the quality of service to decline because some workers might feel de-motivated.&nbsp.

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Shouldice Hospital. 
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