Sir Robert Peel’s Concept of Community Policing in Today’s Society

Sir Robert Peel’s Concept of Community Policing in Today’s Society. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Peel contended that the critical role of the police in ensuring that crime is prevented could be enforced through a form of patrolling. Although he designed this guiding principle during the early 1900s, its applicability is still being enforced.

In the discourse by Wilson & Kelling (1982), on their famous “Broken Windows Concept”, the basic mission for the existence of law enforcers is manifested in the presence of the police as a figure to restore peace and order is a necessary requirement using the broken windows theory – but not the ultimate factor for crime deterrence. The success of its application was assisted by the participative collaboration of community members combined with the determination and power vested in the public police. Through patrolling, the mere presence of the police figure in communities was deemed effective to prevent crime and to restore peace and order in the community.

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 Sir Robert Peel’s Concept of Community Policing in Today’s Society
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The success of any endeavor is determined by the amount of commitment and participation of constituents in the area. The successful implementation of patrolling under the Broken Windows Concepts was primarily due to the conformity of community members to the presence of police forces patrolling in their area. Their support and approval of the police actions paved the way for ensuring the maintenance of peace through orderly submission to the law.

Consistent with the previous principle, the relevant factors in this concern is public approval and cooperation. As averred by Larrabee (2007, 2), “public approval of the police will increase the effectiveness of law enforcement”. The police cannot compel society into enforcing laws which are deemed useless and ineffective. Only those that are viewed by the community as helpful to restoring peace and safety would be supported.

The older generation who seek the assistance of the police through reporting unruly teenagers and misdemeanors assist in terms of relaying public approval, cooperation, and support to the police’s mission of maintaining order and preventing&nbsp.crime.

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