Social Factors Missing In the Development of Will Hunting and His Crisis of Identity.

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Social Factors Missing In the Development of Will Hunting and His Crisis of Identity. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. He has numerous encounters with the law as other guys in the neighborhood. He has an identity crisis and tries hard to adjust to crushing his genius and trying to mold his life with that of society. The various social factors in his past have contributed to Will’s arrogant attitude. His genius is identified by an MIT professor who decides to polish and expose Will’s incredible genius to the world. To do so, he bails him out of the police station on the condition that Will work at his talent and see a psychologist. The movie continues with how Will with psychologist Sean Maguire (Robin Williams) overcomes his personal childhood experiences and discovers his true potential and genius.

Various social factors are missing in Will’s life, which affects his development and leads to his identity crisis.

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Social Factors Missing In the Development of Will Hunting and His Crisis of Identity.
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Will growing up was an orphan and lived with his foster parents. The absence of his own family made an impact on Will, and also, family dynamics in the foster family was not an ideal one. Very soon, he was left without a family. This experience contributed to Will developing a negative attitude towards love and care. He believed that nobody would care or truly love him. He feared rejection, and as a result of this, he never had a consistent serious relationship as he used to get out of one before it could turn into a serious relationship.

Will also tried to fill in the void created due to the absence of a family with his friends. But most of his friends did not recognize or understand him except for his best friend Chuckie (Ben Affleck). Will blamed himself for all miss happenings in his life and was trying to accept his mediocre life. But even after trying hard, he could not accept his true identity and make up an identity. This is best portrayed in the movie when he lies to Skylar (Minnie Driver) about his family, saying he has a big family with 12 brothers.

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