Social justice

An abstract is required. ur social status and strive to forge towards an all inclusive society where individual rights are respected regardless of their race, class or level of education.

There are many ways to define a society that is socially inclusive but all the definitions converge on the fact that this society should be able to arise above racial, gender, social, generational and geographical differences to allow equality for all in terms of opportunities and participation. According to the World Summit for Social Development, an inclusive society is one in which all individuals have responsibilities, rights and play active roles. It respects all rights the human being, has space for fundamental human freedoms and respects the diversity of cultures as well as religions. The society should also promote social justice, observe the unique needs of vulnerable members allow active democratic participation by all and be governed by the law. It is therefore based on social policies which actively work towards reducing if not eliminating inequality, as well as creating flexibility and promoting tolerance hence embracing all.

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Social justice
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To achieve a society that is socially just and equitable there must therefore be deliberate efforts to uphold human rights and observe the rule of law. All members irrespective of their economic status, political inclination or social class must be seen to be equal before the law. Laws and other legal mechanisms must direct and ensure there is equity, justice for all and opportunities are equal for all. Human rights violators should be apprehended, the judicial system must observe impartiality, accountability and protect those championing inclusivity. There should adequate space for all members in the society to fully participate in social, economic, civic and political issues without any fear. There should be equal opportunity in accessing basic needs and participating in making decisions that affect lives of all.

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