Social Work and Human Services.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. I learned that reflection is different from critical reflection not so much in intensity but in magnitude. Critical reflection does the&nbsp.reflection of exact things does but instead of focusing on only one area, it spreads to cover the whole self. It, therefore, covers the beliefs, the feelings, the thoughts, and even the action. The critical reflection looks at the whole picture when it comes to analyzing anything that is complex and is therefore preferred in cases where the social worker wants to change the practice of the human services that have been previously used.

Ethics are meant to establish good or bad. What I had not learnt but done so in this course is about the existence of ethical challenges which affect the social worker while carrying out their duties of social relationship and social functioning. These ethical challenges affect the relationships, the boundaries that need to be established when carrying out the practice, the confidentiality, and privacy of some issues about the clients as well as truthfulness. When the social workers are carrying out their work, they need to ensure that they apply the code of ethics of privacy, integrity, accuracy and not doing any harm to the clients as explained by.

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Learning about the codes and applying them protects the social workers from malpractice suits, being termed as incompetent by the clients, protecting their professionalism and professional identity as well as ensuring that they have self-regulating measures when working. The Australian code of ethics further insists on avoidance of conflict of interest and ensuring social justice and enforcement of human rights.

I have learned that not only are values inherent beliefs unique to people and their culture, but they are subjective as well.

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