Specialty Fleet Services: an Ethical Framework.

The main dilemma identified in the case study was Christopher Knox who was known as Fort in the office went to a great extent in order to crack a big deal with Armadillo Gas & Power. He did not follow the ethical code of the company which clearly stated that deceptive practices were highly unethical. On the contrary, Fort attempted to convince Dale Landry in an indirect manner and not as an employee of SFS. This, in turn, created a lot of confusion amongst the other team members as they strictly followed the ethical code developed by the company.1 Jeremy Silva as vice president of sales of SFS said that there was no harm done by the actions undertaken by Fort. This, in turn, was even supported by other members of the management who stated that the story of Fort should be a motivational factor for the entire sales force. However, the justifications given by management were not appropriate to eliminate the contradictory ideas which resided in minds of other employees.2 In the overall scenario though the company was able to achieve high revenue margins the actions greatly violated the ethical practices incorporated by the business into the system.

The case study has been able to highlight the various ethical dimensions and even has outlined the relationship between ethics and real-time situation. Often in certain scenarios in real life, it becomes important to think practically then to move according to ethics.3 This helps an individual to accomplish their set objectives but at times do not create a good example for others. The similar condition happened at SFS, as Fort was able to convince one of the toughest customers on their new technology but created a bad image in front of other team members. The ethical code was violated by an employee of SFS but for achieving high revenue margins.&nbsp.

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