Starbucks/ Seattles Best.

The change happened after a number ranking system, and lighter roasts did not resonate well with many customers (Seattle’s Best Coffee, 2014).

The Seattle’s Best company business entails food-service sales and grocery. It made up about 9.5% of its $14.9 billion revenue as at September 2013. Starbucks purchased Seattle’s Best in 2003. The shares of Starbucks reached 46% in 2013. Starbucks has about 18,000 stores around the world, about 255 are in New York and 13,000 are in North America (Seattle’s Best, 2013). The position enables the company try new ideas on a continuous basis. One main initiative is the opening of a tea store in Seattle’s University Village. The company acquired Teavana Holdings, which will support the expansion of the store concept (Patton, 2014).

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The company’s strengths have allowed it to operate more effectively than its competitors. One of the strengths of Seattle’s Best is the loyalty it has among its customers. The company has been operating for many years now. It has managed to attract many customers who have liked the company’s products. The company’s quality products have ensured that it maintains its market share. The company has a good financial record that can easily allow it to diversify into other products. A strong financial base also allows the company to motivate its workers by paying them well (Burks, 2009).

The company boasts of well-trained employees who have always ensured that the company remains at the top. The well qualified staff of receives motivation in the form of trips and money. This practice has ensured that the employees feel part of the company. Seattle’s Best has managed to guarantee that its employees remain loyal. Loyalty to the company is critical for employees will not bother to seek for jobs elsewhere (Zacks, 2014).

The main weakness of the company has been its reliance solely on coffee products.

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