Station Nightclub Fire

The video footage reveals that the smoke of the fire acted as the disincentive for the crowd to break through and the exit blockade acted as the catalyst (NIST Engineering Laboratory, 2011).

The first flames were thought to be the part of the act. When the flames reached the ceiling and the smoke began to spread all throughout the club, people realized that the fire is not under control. Within a few seconds after the polytechnics ended the band stopped to play and most band members took the escape route through the west. The fire alarm of the club acutely made everyone aware of the danger while most tried to take the way through which they entered. The massive crowd led to stampede and the exit got completely blocked. This resulted in deaths and severe injuries for the staffs.

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Station Nightclub Fire
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After the tragedy the Governor declared a moratorium on the displays of pyrotechnic for the venues that can hold less than 300 people. After five months of the accident, the band started a benefit tour. A portion of the generated proceeds were forwarded to the Station Family Fund. The site was cleared and the relatives left a multitude of crosses for the deceased. The members who managed to survive intended to acquire the site and place a permanent memorial. Since the month of May, 2003, nondenominational services started at the fire site on monthly basis. The members of the affected families and the friends who lost their dear ones gathered to take part in the memorial. The Station Fire Memorial Foundation was formed in June, 2003. The purpose of the foundation was to purchase the property and take care of the memorial. The Foundation is still continuing the services on yearly basis. Investigations started to dig out the cause of the fire. The investigation included local and the federal agencies. The investigators interviewed the witnesses and visited the scene.

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