Strategy experience

The key agendas in meeting 1 were Market opportunity in china, Sustainability policy, culture change in New York and consultants report on opportunities in digital media. The agendas in meeting two were client churn- critical success factors, sponsorship opportunity, knowledge sharing and communication coordination and corporate governance. The agendas of third meeting were launching cine FX in London and New York – core / non core business services, market opportunity Asian SME\s – strategic directions / diversification / market development, changing organisational structure to meet our strategic challenges and bringing down print costs – the power of buyers / suppliers in procurement. Lastly, the agendas of meeting four were competitor action puts pressure on margins in our market insights business, profiting from sustainability, strategic alliance Indian advertising market and rationalisation and cost cutting.

In the first board meeting, the company’s first agenda was to discuss about the market opportunity in china. Initially, the company had a thought that there is no assurance that entering this market will be beneficial for the company. In addition, it was also identified that increased profitability will not be an immediate venture, but at the same time not entering the Chinese market will have financial impact on the company. The next key agenda of discussion was sustainability policy. This issue was discussed because of the fact that sustainability has clearly been a key issue in this present business context. Moreover, sustainability issues can impact WRSX Group both internally and externally. The strategic intention as well as the strategic choice pertaining to management of sustainability has remained the same. It has been observed that management of sustainability is increasing the confidence of investors.

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 Strategy experience
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