student development issues

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on student development issues depicted in accepted Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Before leaving high school students should be prepared through training, mentorship, and counseling for the drastic change in lifestyle. The college has a challenging environment that ignites self-realization in students, as well as the ideals and beliefs that they value most. This is well demonstrated by the movie Accepted whereby the main character, Bartleby goes through a journey of self-realization. He experiences identity development throughout the movie, which will be analyzed in light of Chickering’s theory of identity development.

The excitement of finishing university, and waiting to join college is usually an essential experience in a student’s life. But, what happens when one comes to a bitter realization they may never have a chance to experience college life. Such is the case of Bartleby and two other students who for one reason or the other are the only ones who will not join a college. Bartleby is the kind of student normally referred to as ‘popular’. He focuses all his efforts on enjoying life, neglecting academics, and avoiding responsibilities. Consequently, he fails to secure a place at any of the colleges that he applies to as they all reject his applications (Pink, 2006). As the graduation draws near, unlike his friends, Bartleby realizes that he will not have a chance to experience college life. In addition, his parents also mount pressure on him, and this drives him to confusion and distressed about his position in society.

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student development issues
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Nevertheless, Bartleby is afraid to disappoint his parents, and troubled with the situation,&nbsp.together with the other two Daryl and Rory they set up an imaginary college.&nbsp.They pick an abandoned psychiatric hospital and renovate it and make it look like a college.&nbsp.

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