Summary Red Bull

Marketing Analysis Report With advancements occurring dally to help the American citizen do “what they Cid’ In a more efficient way- Americans are getting more done In less time, thus having more time to do what? Morel This means that the energy it takes to do “more” is in high demand and highly sought after. Red Bull has a mission- and that is to “give wings to people and ideas”. Red Bull has a marketing mix that is pretty consistent with that of other energy drink companies in the industry.
The price is very affordable- and often the product Is on sale with a quantity discount at any gas station or grocery store. It is available In bulk as well, where the customer would receive a cost break as well. The “place” Red Bull is available makes It easy to attain- which Is a huge reason why It sold over $5. 2 billion cans last year (Red Bull Official Website, 2013) . It is readily available on almost any daily commute for the on-the-go American. Red Bull began it’s Journey/brand in Austria but is now located in 165 countries making distribution an ease.
The Red Bull product is mostly Ready-to-Drink energy drinks, but their sales also consist of branded clothing and promotional Items. Red Bull has a long enough helf life that It Isn’t something that typically goes “bad” – and It usually sells before the expiration date is even an issue. Promotion is something Red Bull is really great at. The brand Is available for those in extreme sports, in the right places at the local stores. The brand knows that it’s target market is the 18-30 year old individual and knows how to reach them.

When considering an environmental scan for Red Bull, the Information that Is available Is advantageous to the organization. Red Bull recognizes which external companies are it’s competition and has devised plans to mitigate the risk of being nferior to those brands. Internally, Red Bull is financed from the operating cash flow and has a healthy financial position. Red Bull is multi-national so it operates in a way that works with the many different governmental systems.
The rising sales in nations such as South Africa helped the Red Bull brand to grow by 15. 9% in 2012. (Official Red Bull Website – 2013). When conducting a Marketing Segmentation Analysis- some factors to Include would be age, gender, Income and geographic area. With Red Bull, it is advantageous to note that their target market is 18-30 typically male individuals. Within that target market however, there are different methods that must be used to market to those consumers.
The 18-22 year old who consumes Red Bull may have to be reached in a college setting, during extreme sports, or on day-time television as they are not the typical working the 9-5 schedule. 22-30 year olds may have to be reached In professional settings, bar-scenes or on certain televlslon channels. Recognizing the difference in the ages is crucial for the brand. Geographically, Red Bull is versatile and has sales across the world- but has larger sales in countries that ave a generally younger aged growing population. Red Bull does come with ethical Issues.
There are numerous studies that show that Energy DrlnKs come witn nuge nealtn rlsKs I ne product nasn’t Deen around Tor long enough to really be studied over a long period of time- but there have been studies conducted that link Red Bull to heart issues, stroke, growth stunt, and even cancer. Red Bull hasn’t been known for any labor issues or integral issues as a company other than not disclosing the many health issues or resolving them in a proactive manner. Red Bull is typically mixed with alcohol in nightclubs and establishments hat serve alcohol.
Various health officials have posted warnings to avoid mixing Red Bull with alcohol because of a death that occurred in Hong Kong where a British patron consumed it with alcohol and later died. Linda Rychter, a spokeswoman for Red Bull in Australia, said that the report would be assessed by the companys head office in Austria. She also said, and I quote, “The study does not show effects which would go beyond that of drinking a cup of coffee.

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Summary Red Bull
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