Sun Shines Enterprise. 

Sun Shines Enterprise. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. SUN SHINE ENTERPRISE CASE STUDY

Abby the manager of Sun Shines Enterprise is the sole person responsible for checking on the quality of the services offered by the six restaurants. This is through casually observing the reactions of the clients and enquiring from the employees. This may not be good way of controlling quality and the manager need to use other tactics. This would need to change with the involvement of the employees in ensuring that the service they deliver is of best quality. This is especially so if the company expands to 20 restaurants (Collier & Evans 2009). In this case, the manager would not be in a position to supervise all the 20 restaurants to ensure that quality is met.

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Quality improvement can be achieved through several strategies. One of them is called Hoshin Kanri. This means translating the organizational objectives and goals into measurable actions and strategies. This involves focusing of the available resources to limited priority issues. For instance, Abby’s main concern is the maintenance of quality at the hotels. This can be achieved through using all the resources available including the employees to deliver high quality. This can be done by use of tools such as the Total Quality Management (TQM) tools (Collier & Evans 2009).

Another way quality can be promoted is through “Kaizen” which is continuous improvement. The highest quality cannot be achieved in a single day. The organization should be ready to keep on improving the services and products in order to satisfy the customers’ needs. It could also be done through the use of Poka Yoke strategy (Collier & Evans 2009). This helps in preventing a mistake from being committed or being able to identify an error quickly making it easy for it to be corrected before it causes huge losses.


Collier, D. A., & Evans, J. R. (2009). OM 3. United States: Cengage Learning, Inc.

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