Superior foods Paper

 Superior foods Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! As the study outlines to maintain competitiveness, 25% of daily-wage production workers had to be dismissed for next 3-4 months until the bans would remove and production process resume. The company is bound to reduce existing number of production employees because of changes in external environment. however, the old workers could be hired again once Superior Foods comes out of crisis. In this way, employees could be mentally prepared and would possibly not portray strong resistance. The communication would enable to maintain relationships, confidence and trust over employers, because they could be recruited again once the situation comes under control.

From this study it is clear that it would be better to use an indirect approach to communicate negative message or news with employees working at production plants. Indeed, the reporter would start with a positive note to recall the value workers receive at Superior Foods. He would then explain all the recent market changes and reasons that have compelled the international food producer and exporter to take tough decisions to restore competitiveness in food industry. This would help making workers mentally prepared about any expected negative news from strategic planners. Then, the reporter would convey the bad news so that workers could assimilate this shock and accept the motives behind that decision. Finally, the message would end on a positive note with a reassurance to valued employees that they could rejoin Superior Foods after relaxation in bans and improvement in business prospects. As you all know that our company Superior Foods pay special attention to its valued workers and opt for their welfare and well-being. However, we have been writing this letter to communicate recent changes that have taken place in our domestic (USA) and global markets. First, the mad cow disease has negatively affected our purchases of animals followed by reduction in supplies from partners / suppliers.

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Superior foods Paper
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