Sustainable Urbanism at Home and Abroad.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Sustainable Urbanism at Home and Abroad. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Sustainable urbanism has been defined as transit-served and walkable urbanism that is incorporated into high-performance infrastructure. Density plus human access to green space are deemed as the core values associated with sustainable urbanism. These values concentrate on the form-based bias that is related to contemporary architectural theories or practices that are crucial in understanding sustainability.

There is a commonplace assertion that higher density cities or compact cities have a higher level of sustainability in comparison with the fewer compact counterparts. Compact cities are arguably better avenues for more sustainable means of transport. Often, the population densities will be sufficiently high to aid public transport and make this means of transport easy to run. Further, because of mixed-use and high population density that is typical of compact cities, people tend to reside in places that are proximate to their worksites and leisure activities thus leading to a reduction in the general demand for traveling needs. Second, compact cities are deemed as sustainable land use. Pieces of land within the countryside are left reserved whilst urban lands are recycled for use in development-based projects. Third, social cohesion, cultural development, and compactness are common places in green cities.

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Sustainable Urbanism at Home and Abroad.
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Finally, a compact city would be treated as an economically viable city because the provision of infrastructures like street lights and roads is possible in a cost-effective per capita. A number of sustainable urbanism experts report that dispersed and low-density cities have remained unsustainable due to their heavy reliance on automobile utilities. In a broader sense, there is evidence of a substantial negative correlation between the total of energy consumed within the city and the population inside it (Farr 123).

A major issue in attaining sustainability is to minimize reliance on fossil fuels. Cities could start kicking out liquid hydrocarbons by trying to invest in more effective transit and transport modes along with the promotion of the use of bicycles and encouraging people to walk.

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