SWOT Analysis of the Fast Food Industry in the UK.

Fast food has existed in the UK, since the Roman times. Here fast food is considered as meat pies and anything which is fried or battered. The number of fast food restaurants has increased during the past few years and has 25 per cent of fast food restaurants in the world. Fast food recipes have been adopted from other cultures, such as Pizzas, Noodles and Kebabs. (Fast Food Factsheet)

A major strength for this industry is the growing market. There are a lot of aspects of the market which can be covered and not many people have ventured into these markets. Also, once a customer is hooked onto fast food, not many other types of food taste good to him. He keeps coming back, thus brand loyalty is high in the fast food industry.

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SWOT Analysis of the Fast Food Industry in the UK.
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The variety of fast food available makes this industry more attractive to the owners and the consumers. Eating out is not only about having food anymore, it is getting to know about other cultures and mixing around. An individual can not possibly cook so many cuisines. the concept of fast food makes it possible for everyone to try something new. The prices are also not very high, which enables people from all backgrounds to be able to enjoy this food. Globalization has enable restaurant owners to diversify themselves by providing different types of food to individuals. For example. people are more willing to eat raw fish today than they were twenty years ago. (Stage Model Research)

The market for food is very recession proof because of the need to eat on a daily basis and the relatively lower costs just add more to this situation. Since fast food is not perceived as a luxury item, people are more willing to spend on it and will not think twice about it.

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