Teaching Strategies for Reading

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Teaching Strategies for Reading: The Case of Sweden and the United Kingdom. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Both Sweden and the United Kingdom have set out curriculums that are based on achieving a balance between using phonics and a number of other word reading strategies as well as a focus on children experiencing a comprehensive range of texts both digital and moving image which is made available to them from the beginning of their time in school (Holmlund & McNally, 2010). In Sweden, the curriculum dealing with reading in pre-school places a heavy focus on the importance of integrating play into the development of the child which is the reason why the curriculum aims at catering to the unique needs and interests of the child(Bohlmark & Lindahl, 2008).

In much the same way, the United Kingdom school curriculum based on the Primary National Strategy Framework places a distinct emphasis on ensuring that children were constantly engaged in pre-reading activities that were both interesting and worthwhile created a strong foundation for systematic work on phonics to the beginning by the age of five. In this regard, teachers are encouraged to present options between either topics or texts for instance choosing a novel that could be used for group reading (Riggall & Sharp, 2008).

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Teaching Strategies for Reading
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Similar to Sweden, teachers in the United Kingdom have adhered to the new teaching methods that revolve around discussions as well as answering inquiries from children as a way of encouraging them to read and essentially making learning much more personalized as opposed to simply telling them what they should be knowing. This relaxed form of teaching&nbsp.is characterized by little formal learning (DFES, 2002).

As opposed to more structured strategies of learning, both the United Kingdom and Swedish curriculums place heavy reliance on the fact that even while they are sitting and listening, children are also engaged in the process of internalizing exactly what they are being taught (Martin et al, 2000).


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