Teaching strategies.

Your paper should be a minimum of 250 words in length. Importance of emotions in the learning process al affiliation Importance ofemotions in the learning process

Emotions play an imperative role in the shaping of an individual’s manner of reacting to life. According to Anders (2006) emotions play a major role in determining an individual’s success in learning various concepts. In relation to learning, emotions have been credited for their ability to impact on the learning process of individuals. If individuals cannot manage their emotions, whilst in the learning setting, these emotions are likely to be in command of the manner in which they grasp concepts in the classroom.

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In the case of studying language, emotions play a vital role in learning of this language. In an instance whereby, learners learn a second language, it is most likely that they are bound to face major fears that emanate from anxiety, fear of failure or other off-putting emotions. Teachers may incorporate the use of role play in an attempt to teach English. Role play has been credited for its ability to allow learners develop a sense of creativity and innovativeness in the learning setting. During role play, learners are emotionally involved in learning, thus, makes it easier to grasp concepts in the learning English.

Use of group discussions has been credited for their implications on learning. It is during discussion groups that learners’ emotions are altered either positively or negatively. The tutor must fashion the learning groups in such a manner that learners are able to grasp concepts. Anders (2006) argues that, learning of language is only possible if the tutor is able to instill optimistic effect on learners. Learning in this context, is possible through creativity in the learners during English lessons, while others end up being creative especially on personal projects.

Emotions have also been credited for their ability to create an environment, which is favorable for learning language, if properly managed. Language learning works on the human memory and emotions in the learning environment. The learners, tutors and learning setting determine if language will be learnt at that particular time or if the learners will be totally disoriented while learning English. It is important that, human emotions are congruent, for concepts in language to be grasped by learners.


Anders, S. (2006). Understanding emotions. New York: Elsevier Publishers.

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