Team experience | Literature homework help

Connecting class concepts to your own experiences is an important part of the learning process. In order to do that this week, you will be asked to relate a team you’ve been a member of to the stages of team development. It can be a group at work, a sports team, or even people from school that you’ve completed a project with. Make sure you’re familiar with the material before attempting this assignment, as you can’t do it without knowledge from this chapter. The assignment should be at least two pages in length, adhere to APA standards, and address the following:

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Team experience | Literature homework help
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Assignment Specifications

  • Summarize the team that you’ve chosen. Describe the number of members, projects being worked on, and the overall purpose of the team.
  • For each of the five stages of team development, describe the actions your team took. List each stage out, and give a detailed description of your team’s work pertaining to that stage. Be sure to include the emotions of the team and behaviors from members that indicated which stage the team was in.
  • Evaluate whether or not you believe the team was successful, and explain why you feel this way. Use the team’s progress through the stages of team development to support your opinion.
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