Teen Pregnancy as a Major Challenge in Canada.

 It is clearly shown that there is a high rate of teen pregnancies, about 41%. The rate is very high and alarming and a cause for worry. The data also indicates that most of the teens are not prepared for the pregnancies, as evidenced by a large number of those carrying out abortions. The teens seem not to be aware of the dangers of carrying out abortions neither are they informed about ways of preventing teenage pregnancies.

The data also displays the general carelessness of teens. Most of them have had pregnancies before and because they did not want the pregnancy, terminated it. They, however, continue to have risky sexual behaviors and get pregnant again. Some go to the extent of terminating more than one pregnancy. The behavior is sheer carelessness because they should be able to learn from their previous mistakes. The data also shows there are some who were quite responsible and carried a pregnancy to term. They then have responsible sexual behaviors after that.

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Teen Pregnancy as a Major Challenge in Canada.
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The majority of teen pregnancies in Canada are a result of socio-economic factors. Most teens while in school put in a lot of effort with hopes of a better future, in either furthering their education or getting good jobs. However, along the way, some get discouraged because they see very few or no opportunities for them in the future and hence see no point in acquiring an education. Such students already have no need for staying in school and therefore opt to get pregnant and eventually drop out of school. They do not see why they should push forward childbearing for school (Bielski, par.10).

Another cause of teen pregnancies is little or no sex education provided to the students. While most of the pregnancies could be because of carelessness, others are purely out of ignorance. Most parents and teachers assume that as the students grow up, they will automatically get the information they need. Acquiring the information is not always the case, as some students are too shy to ask neither can they stand up for themselves and insist on protected sex. The lack of assertiveness makes them highly prone to getting pregnant (Bielski, par.14).

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