Terry Cannon, MBA.

 Case Study I Terry Cannon, MBA Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Case Study 3 Consultant at ICG 3 VP of Marketing at Start-up InfoMicro 4 Manager at MFG Corporation4

Knowledgeable Participant5

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Well Equipped for the Work World6


Case Study

In this case, the types of knowledge regarding the information systems that Terry Cannon would need considering his position in each of the companies are explained below:

Consultant at ICG

In this company i.e. ICG the role of Terry Cannon would be of a consultant who would design a marketing strategy for the clients of the company after gaining a complete understanding of their concerns. Terry Cannon also had the option of working from home for the fifth day of the week. After considering his role and work profile in this organization, it was found that Terry Cannon should have knowledge regarding Knowledge Management Systems and Office Automation Systems (Petrides, 2004. Walshman, 1993).

VP of Marketing at Start-up InfoMicro

InfoMicro has been mentioned to be a start-up company on the net and Terry would be the VP of marketing. As, this company would be an internet based start-up so, it is quite evident that Terry Cannon should have proper knowledge regarding the information system as most of the work would be computer and internet based. In such a company with his given position, he requires to have good knowledge about Management Information Systems, Executive Support Systems, Decision-Support Systems, Transaction Processing Systems and Office Automation Systems as well (Petrides, 2004. Walshman, 1993).

Manager at MFG Corporation

In this company Terry Cannon has been offered a position as a manager of the marketing department and would be responsible for developing new customers. Considering his role in this organization, Terry Cannon needs to have knowledge regarding Management Information System, Transaction Processing Systems, Decision Support Systems and Knowledge Management Systems (Petrides, 2004. Walshman, 1993).

Knowledgeable Participant

Terry Cannon can prove to be a knowledgeable participant in each of the mentioned three jobs by possessing knowledge regarding information systems that would be relevant with the job profile in relation to all the three organizations. Being a knowledgeable participant in the field of information systems would assist him in carrying out his responsibilities more effectively. This would also help him in designing appropriate and accurate marketing as well as business strategies for his clients and his organizations.

In case of Terry Cannon to be a knowledgeable participant, he should be well informed and possess enough knowledge regarding the types of information systems that would assist him in performing his duties as well as responsibilities towards his organizations and clients efficiently and successfully.

For instance, being a consultant at ICG would involve designing marketing strategies for his clients. So, Terry Cannon should have enough knowledge regarding knowledge management system which would help him with current and accurate information that would facilitate in designing proper and effective strategies. He should also be well informed about office automation systems as this would help him to work from his home.

In the case of start-up InfoMicro, Terry Cannon would need to handle all the operations in relation to marketing as well as design effective marketing plans and strategies for his organization. Here, Terry Cannon would need to have enough knowledge regarding management information system, executive support systems, decision support systems and office automation systems. Knowledge regarding all these would help him to handle and to monitor the daily operations in the marketing department as well as to formulate effective strategies that would be beneficial for the company.

MFG Corporation desires to appoint Terry Cannon as the manager of the marketing department. In this organization, he would have the responsibility to bring in fresh customers. For this he needs to develop marketing plans as well as have current information regarding the operating functions of the company as well as for the existing clients. He also needs to have access to the information of the company that would be relevant for him. This would involve knowledge regarding management information systems, knowledge management systems, decision support systems and transaction processing systems.

Well Equipped for the Work World

As an MBA with marketing major, Terry Cannon is prepared for the work world in a partial way. This is because of the fact that the business environment is undergoing a constant change and organizations in order to keep up with such a dynamic environment are becoming reliant on information systems. This facilitates the organization to keep pace with the changing environment and ensure its existence in the business. Although Terry Cannon is technically informed regarding the field of marketing, at the same time he lacks knowledge regarding information systems. Information systems have become a vital part of organizations and the people working in such organizations. So, Terry Cannon needs to acquire knowledge regarding information systems as that has become a decisive determinant factor to achieve success in the work world.


Petrides, L.A., (2004). Knowledge Management, Informations Systems and Organizations. Educause Center for Applied Research. Retrieved Online on October 03, 2011 from http://net.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/ERB0420.pdf

Walsham, G., (1993). Interpreting Information Systems In Organizations. Wiley.

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