The Art Life of Moliere

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on The Art Life of Moliere. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. In addition staging and often performing in some 70 plays by other hands, he acted in 24 of the 29 comedies he wrote and directed himself. In 1644 Moliere spent thirteen years touring the south of France with a company of Itinerant actors. An actor-manager with a theatre to fill, Moliere never lost faith with farce and sought ways of combining it with a more sophisticated comedy of character and manners suitable for his royal, aristocratic and Paris public. According to (Mills)“The king’s brother became Moliere’s patron. later Moliere and his colleagues were appointed official providers of entertainment to the Sun King himself”. Though he deliberately did not seek controversy, he made enemies at court among doctors, religious zealots and faculty of theology. A comic was surrounded by L’ Ecole des femmes, which was constructed as an insult to the ‘holy mystery’ of marriage.

By combining traditional forms of comedy, he created a new kind of comic play which drew its unity from a consistent concern with human behavior and social foibles. He was not afraid of vulgarity and relied heavily on broad comic strokes which are visible in his soberest character studies. It is true that Moliere attained greater popularity during life than his illustrious English contemporary. The art of Moliere was aristocratic and energetic, original and untrammeled from all codes, religious or moral boundaries. Most remarkable work of his is the portrayal of the eminence of the human spirit in the case of Tartufe. His play Don Juana is the very embodiment of the arrogance of the intellect, and his servant Sganarelle and seems to inculcate a lesson of fatalistic skepticism.

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The Art Life of Moliere
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Moliere was one of the most frequently performed playwrights in Paris during the revolution. Nearly two thousand plays of his were performed between 1789 and 1799. Moliere’s plays flowed into the repertories of both new and established theatres. Besides the numerous productions, biographical plays on Moliere also appeared in abundance in the late 1790s. Moliere was dramatist, celebrated moralist, actor venerated on stage by everyone, witty promoter, and master of delight fun and laughter.

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