The Art of Mummification.

Write 5 pages with APA style on The Art of Mummification. To prevent decay and achieve mummification, the factors that can promote the enzyme action are prevented.&nbsp. These factors include the aqueous medium, acidity, temperature, substrate specificity, and inhibitors.&nbsp. One way of preventing enzyme action is through the prevention of aqueous medium which is the optimum environment for enzyme action.&nbsp. Mummification can be achieved through spontaneous and anthropogenic desiccation.&nbsp. Control of pH is another important factor in the disintegration of the bodies since the acidic environment is considered as an optimum pH.&nbsp. A deviation from the said level is important in mummification.&nbsp. In terms of temperature, different enzymes work best at different temperature, but low temperatures are better for tissue preservation.&nbsp. Substrate specificity is related to the efficacy of an enzyme to the composition of the body, thus, application of chemicals such as alcohol and formaldehyde which can alter the substrate can inhibit the action of the enzymes.&nbsp. Inhibitors are also included in the factors that can affect mummification.&nbsp. One example is the presence of heavy metal ions in groundwater that can contribute to the prevention of decay and the achievement of the process of mummification.&nbsp. Aside from these factors, different chemical changes occurring in nature can also affect mummification.&nbsp. Mechanisms such as desiccation, thermal effects, chemical effects, anaerobiasis, excarnation, etc. are included in the factors that promote mummification.&nbsp.

Mummification is a process that can occur naturally due to the different factors contributing to nature and through artificial or man-made practices.&nbsp. In the study of the art of mummification, other important focuses are the cultures, traditions, and practices associated with the mummification in burial practices.

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Numerous cultural groups and nations practice the art of mummification on the basis of their culture and norms.&nbsp. The practice of mummification done on purpose and not by nature is the main essence of the study since elaborate stages were needed to achieve the goal.&nbsp. The said process was incorporated and strictly observed by the people.&nbsp.

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