The Barton Fink Problem

Provide a 8 pages analysis while answering the following question: The Barton Fink Problem. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Mayhew and his Secretary Audrey Taylor, until the deadline looms. In the process, very strange events begin to take centre stage.

Barton Fink talks a great deal about the ‘common man’. According to Bramann (2004), Barton dreams of creating a large theatre for the masses “the common man” but exempts himself from the same group. He talks much about his own “personal pain” which he feels makes him uncommon. When he is hired by Hollywood to write a play about “wrestling”, he meets the writers’ “block”. He doesn’t have any idea about wrestling. His life is to write about the common people, and wrestling is not about the common people but the upper class. As such, his mind is failing to shift from the premise of writing for the common man. He tries to source help from his room in the Hotel Earle, but it is empty save for the dressing mirror, old dusty typewriter and the gloomy wall picture of a girl on the beach, which is wet and peeling and oozes slime from time to time. After all, neighbours are also making a lot of noise that they cannot concentrate. A next-door neighbour, Charles Meadow tries to give him hints, but he cannot get them because he feels his ideas are the best.

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The Barton Fink Problem
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Barton also tries to seek help from a popular writer, William Mayhew, but he is also heavily drunk and cannot give him any information according to his William’s Secretary Audrey Taylor, who also explains that she could help him since it is her who has been writing for William Mayhew. When Barton invites her into his room, he is enticed to have sex with her instead of getting ideas on the play about “wrestling” which he is supposed to submit in a week’s time to Jack Lipnik of the Capitol Pictures. Then he is involved in the puzzle of Audrey Taylor’s death, the Police and the rejection of the play by Hollywood.

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