The best of youth movie review

 The Best of Youth: A Review In most cases, it is hard for one film to capture a familylife in a comprehensive manner. When filmmakers try, they end up failing awfully or providing an incomplete picture of the family in question. However, this is not so with the film, The Best of Youth. Through persistence and through a long history of the family, the filmmaker is able to portray the family as it was and it is to the viewer. In order to understand this film, a quick review is necessary.

As observed from the introduction, the film involves a family (Italian) story that takes place within a set period. Mainly, the story of two brothers, Nicola and Matteo, within this family is emphasized although other family members are still featured.

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 The best of youth movie review
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The brothers make choices, some good while others are bad. Following them also leads to their different careers in the health care sector whereby drama seems to follow them. They make friends and connections. Some with normal people while others with the fellow patients. Their journey in and outside their careers, which change with time as one joins the army while another becomes lumberjack presents them with their lovers.

While all this takes place, one thing is evident, people learn as they grow. Situations also change people’s characters as politics and sexuality helps in changing the two brothers and others in the film. Apart from learning about the characters and their families, viewers also learn about politics in Italy since the film is set in this place (Giordana).

In conclusion, the film The Best of Youth captures the story of a family and particularly the story of two brothers from the time they were young up to their old age. In the process, other important things such love, politics, choices and decisions are also covered. With this ability, the film ends up being long and also covering many things that most movies in this category are unable to capture.

Work Cited

Giordana, M.T. The Best of Youth. Miramax Home Entertainment :, 2006. Film.

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