The best presents are those that cost the least.

 The best presents are those that cost the least. Best Presents Since centuries, presents have remained a major component of human societies culturally, socially, as well as religiously. It is observation that gifts and presents have always been an efficient tool of humans for expressing their feelings, showing their kind gestures, and strengthening relationships with each other. For this reason, gifts and presents play a significant role in human lives, and few experts believe that the gesture of giving presents in the unspoken language of feelings in humans that allows them to converse with each other emotionally. Let it be any occasion, such as New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, or Valentine’s Day, presents always enjoy their significance. On the other hand, it has now become a social practice to give presents on birthdays, anniversaries, etc that is the reason that every other retail business is now putting efforts to showcase and sell a huge range of gifts.

Such range of presents varies from baby toys to diamond necklaces, or in other words, shops offer gifts from a dollar to thousands of dollars. In such significance of presents, and especially in this era, people believe that expensive items can be the best presents to give to someone, or to acquire someone’s love and affection. Although gold and diamond have always remained a weakness of women, however, few people believe that sometimes, even a small greeting card can be the best present for someone rather than even a diamond ring. From a different perspective, people criticize that money cannot buy everything, especially love, and thus, feelings and emotions are the major factors that count more as compared with physical presents.

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 The best presents are those that cost the least.
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Even from personal experiences, it is observation that sometimes a 1000-dollar present only brought temporary smiles, whereas, a handmade photo frame costing less than ten dollars made the whole day, and continued to bring smiles for rest of the life. In this regard, I believe that money does not matter when it comes to presents, but the feelings do. In other words, humans are emotional machines, and although these machines run after the notion of money and expensive things, however, during most times, emotional aspect of humans dominate the materialistic side that inclines individuals towards sentiments and feelings rather than cost of the present.

Lastly, it will not be wrong to state that although expensive gifts can be attractive, exotic, and striking, but they usually result in temporary smiles and few moments of fun. On the other hand, real and best present can be something or anything with pure and intense feelings and emotions. Conclusively, the best presents are those that cost the least, but have the greatest amount of feelings and sentiments for the person. In this regard, if you love someone, care for someone, respect someone, and want to express your feelings, admiration, and adoration, then a handmade card or a frame with a memorable picture will be the best present rather than an expensive item that will be roaming in a corner of the room. Thus, if you really care, go with the heart rather than the wallet.

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