The Character Sketch of the Movie the Black Balloon.

 The Character Sketch of the Movie the Black Balloon. It needs to be at least 2000 words. One path is his regular teenage life, where he has a crush on a girl. The other path is full of responsibilities. he has to take care of his autistic brother who is a big baby. He faces the ultimate sibling conflict. The family moves to a new place, and the time is the 1990s. Thomas is shown to be anxious about making new friends and all he wants is to fit in. The plot is so refined that it shows the power that went behind the writing. The parents have a hard decision to make where they want to give equal attention and love to each of their children. The mother is inclined to take more care of the one who lacks understanding, social skills and cognitive ability than the other normal people. Sometimes the normal children are supposed to take on more responsibilities and acquire leadership and caring skills. If it were a normal family Thomas would have lesser responsibilities. But his parents cannot always be around Charlie, especially when he goes to school, and during playtime, those activities are accompanied by people of the same age.

&nbsp.Thomas is a 15-year-old normal teenager. His family moves to a new home. He is going through a phase feeling like he needs to fit in with his new friends at the school. He struggles with fitting in because his family is unusual. he has an autistic brother who gets the attention of the parents all the time. This makes Thomas feel neglected. However, Thomas loves his brother Charlie and takes very good care of him. Charlie enjoys playing video games, wearing a monkey costume and receiving stars for good behavior. Maggie, their mother, is heavily pregnant, and her doctors have advised her to take rest. Eventually, Thomas has to be in charge of Charlie. This is not an easy task as he has to chase Charlie down when he shoots out of the house.

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