The Concept of Change Management in the Company.

The Concept of Change Management in the Company. In order to deal with the prevailing problems with regard to acceptance to change, the management of the business has emerged with several key measures that would be crucial to discuss. In this regard, several change management models can be taken into consideration to have a better comprehension at large. The model to be implemented within the organization has mentioned about the strategy of changes that can be regarded as applicable by the organization with regard to the scenario of change management. The management has been quite clear with regard to the criteria of change that has taken place in the organization. In this regard, the Kurt Lewin Change Management model can be taken into consideration. According to the model, change in location is quite crucial in the present day business and it influences the business in any industry sector.&nbsp.However, there might develop certain reluctance amid the workforce with regard to the change proposed. Correspondingly, the change can be managed in three phases as per the model including unfreeze, refreeze and de-freeze. In the unfreeze stage, change relevant to an office move, restructure and home working can be determined to take place. In the refreeze stage, the change needs to be embedded into the organization culture of KI with proper communication of the change to the employees. In the de-freeze level, the company can take feedback from the people in the workplace and likewise make necessary transformations to ensure successful execution of the change (Pagon, & et. al., 2008).

The characteristics of office move restructure and home working can also be comprehended with the help of McKinsey 7-S Model in the organization. The 7 S of the model mainly comprises strategy, structure, system, shared valued, staff, skills, and style. Office move, restructure and home working has been structured by the management of the company with a proper plan. The changes have also been structured in accordance with various departments within the business. The model can be used by the company to understand the way the change can be brought into effect in the most efficient manner altogether. This can be justified from the fact that model can be implemented to analyze the situations of the workplace in every possible manner and likewise devise the change accordingly (Pagon, & et. al., 2008).&nbsp.

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