The corporate american working environment for women.

The Corporate America Company creates barriers that prevent women from attaining employment fairness in the company. Men treat women as a weaker gender and they consequently accord themselves higher positions. In case of training and career development opportunities in the company, there is significant discrimination in gender consideration. women are denied the chance to these opportunities. According to Utilitarianism Theory, it is immoral to employ people with less qualification in the company, but it is justified in cases where these people have other potential abilities that are fundamental in the company. Meanwhile, Deontological ethics demonstrate the need to employ and hire people of all genders without discrimination, and it is the duty of employers not to exercise such unethical acts as discriminating other genders.

The company guidelines and practices affect the way women are treatment and form barriers for their advancement in the business line. Most executives often take advantage of their top position and harass women sexually in cases of promotions and job opportunities. Recently the company has made a progress in employing qualified women in different positions, but they still have problems in developing and advancing them into positions of senior management. this necessitates drastic improvement.

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 The corporate american working environment for women.
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In conclusion, the Corporate American working environment for women in a different position in business should reflect development, but regrettably, this is not the case.&nbsp.

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