The Definition of Holocaust and Genocide.

It is argued that the events in Balkans and Africa lacked the organization and sophistication of the execution of the Holocaust. Moreover, they were perpetrated by ragtag militias, military dictators, mercenaries. there is little evidence that it had legitimate and popular support. They were propelled by undiluted hatred. Whereas the Holocaust and the ‘final solution’, was a coherent and legally legitimized state policy.&nbsp.

Two Greek words. holos, (completely) and kaustos (burnt) have been combined together to bring the tragedy of German Jews, in the realm of words. Six Million Jews were systematically exterminated by the National Socialist, Third Reich during a span of less than a decade (Donald.2000). The term was not applied to Jewish experience in Germany till the 1950s (Bauer.1978). The collective conscious of human civilization is still reeling under the shame of what happened in those few years. In order to examine the Holocaust and further our argument, it is suggested that the event of the Holocaust may be viewed through an academic heuristic device. The theoretical framework chosen for the purpose of this paper is the ‘Social Constructionist’ theory of a social problem. It is argued that the Holocaust came about as a result of the implementation of Endlosung. The Final Solution. Before we sketch out the solution let us focus on how the Jews of Germany became a problem, requiring a solution in the first place.

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The Nazi perpetrated Holocaust was ‘essentially an incomprehensible event’ (Freeman.1991, pp.187). How could a modern quasi-democratic state organize such an inhuman public policy with brutal efficiency? It has to be considered here that the National Socialist party was a popular party and had won a&nbsp. majority, although it preached and followed a Fascist Ideology. yet it carried democratic legitimacy.&nbsp.

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