The Discipline of the Organizational Behavior.

Write 7 pages with APA style on The Discipline of the Organizational Behavior. The major challenges faced by modern organizations are a diverse workforce, multiple stakeholders, responsiveness, rapid change, and globalization.

A diverse workforce is present within the current modern organization. It’s not an easy job to manage people coming from different cultures, different demographics regions, different thoughts with different types of perceive mentality. Different kinds of barriers also come up with such differences as ego, stereotype, and male-dominated or female-dominated.

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The Discipline of the Organizational Behavior.
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Multiple stakeholders are the persons who have shown interest in the business or the organization. The investors, suppliers, customers, lenders, etc are the stakeholders of the organization. Different kinds of attitude each have with it different perception values, having different ethical values. It is not always possible that every stakeholder will contend with the organization. Managing of the stakeholders is a difficult job and needs extra additional care.

The organization has to respond to the fast-changing external and internal environment that is present around the organization. It needs to adopt a new strategy as per the changing environment. The impending requirement is to manage the changing external environment with that of the internal environment as the employees often resist changes.

The discipline of Organizational Behavior has quite a few contributions to mitigate the challenges of any modern-day organization. The diversified workforce can be managed if the workforce is given adequate training upon their work culture and the organization’s culture to be imbibed. Multiple stakeholders can be managed if a proper way of relative information is provided to them on a timely basis. The organization can survive in the market only if they apply an adaptive strategy for the changing environment with special regard to organizational culture. All these factors can be managed with the effective implementation of Organizational Behavior.&nbsp.

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