The Early Adulthood Period.

 The Early Adulthood Period. This reporter stresses that “being a young member of the club, I am really active in its activities as I feel good strength, good coordination, good reaction time and sensations (sight, hearing, taster, smell, and touch). In addition, I feel excellent motor skills and great sex appeal. Also, I think it is important to be in a group and is utmost important for someone to be approved by the society to survive. At this stage, the two major challenges in life are to give up my adolescent way of thinking and face the adult world. To achieve this, I will have to terminate many of my existing relationships, concepts, friendships, and occupational relationships. However, my transition to the next stage of development means a lot of changes in intelligence, expertise, and the ability to learn. In addition, there will be physical difference too. As Araneta points out, it is natural that I will start redefining my relations including mentor relationship, love relationship, family relationship, and occupational relationship. As I move forward, I am going to reach Midlife where I will be more serious about life. At that stage, out, I will try to reduce the influence of the external world on my life, and will try to strike a balance between the needs of the society and the needs of self. Thus, most probably, I will withdraw from many of the activities of the club to give more importance to my personal life too. As I grow older, I have to expect a number of events that can change my life that will enhance my development. Some such events people normally face as they grow older are marriage, birth of children, promotion in jobs, and so on. As I go through these events, it is highly likely that I will withdraw from my activities that I was previously into. Or, at least, I will start questioning the purpose or usefulness of those activities. According to the theory of Loevinger, I am presently in the Conformist Stage.

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The Early Adulthood Period.
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