The Early Years of Regulation

 I. This module is the core of the fundamental acts of aviation legislation. For this assignment, you will choose and discuss at least two examples of aviation-related legislation. One of your choices must be from the five acts listed below (1-5), while the second choice can be from any of the examples below (1-7). For the acts, explain the issues that caused the act to be created, the purpose for the act, the ramifications of implementing it, and why these activities were important to the development of commercial aviation.

The Airmail Act of 1925 (Kelly Act)
The Air Commerce Act of 1926
The Airmail Act of 1930 (McNary-Watres Act)
The Airmail Act of 1934 (Black-McKellar Act)
The Civil Aeronautics Act of 1938 (McCarran-Lea Act)
Describe the efforts outside the United States to establish air mail and air cargo services. Use the web, if you wish, for your references.
Describe the issues concerning international aviation in the several conferences discussed in Chapter 4 of the Rhoades text.

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The Early Years of Regulation
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