The Examination of Items of the Suspect.

The Examination of Items of the Suspect. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The alleged suspect, Philip Jackson, is not denying the evidence supported by the glass fragments instead he insists that he was standing nearby the door of Threshers when the window was being broken by other suspects involved in the disturbance.

This report is based on my scientific approach applied to the examination of items provided in the reported case. And my interpretations and subsequent concrete findings along with conclusions are purely based on the case information provided to me. Thereby, the accuracy of this report considerably relies on extended information. If the extended case information is not correct or insufficient and half information is provided or any subsequent case related important information becomes public and is made available particularly after the dispatch of this report, then my interpretations and attached findings will become invalid and the report will be reappraised. Consequently, the new information will also affect the validity of conclusions determined based on prior or initial information. As a result, any reappraisal would be more reasonable and useful if carried out before the commencement of a trial against the suspect.

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The Examination of Items of the Suspect.
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The purpose of this examination was to ascertain and establish whether there was any scientific evidence and supporting findings to highlight that Philip&nbsp.Jackson was involved in the act of unrest through establishing that whether the recovered glass fragments could have come from the Threshers’ broken glass.&nbsp.

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