The film baraka as a collage of images from around the world 

And there are filmmakers who bring this real-life environment without any pre-written script, capturing the real-life happenings as it is. These novels attempts by the filmmakers The filmmaker’s mind is like a visual interpreter, which translates and interprets the ideas, incidents, happenings, environment, culture etc into cinematic form with the aid of ‘aides’. When the filmmaker mind does this, he/she will be able to bring to reel life the real-life happenings and environment. comes loaded with fetes and critics, giving different perspectives. Baraka, directed and ‘canned’ by Ron Fricke is a purely cinematic visual film shot in high definition widescreen format. Being a visual film, it has no verbal sounds with only music for accompaniment. Shot in 24 countries, it contains footage of people from different countries, in places, where there is mass conglomeration. That is, the visuals are mainly composed of people en masse doing some kind of activity in different locations of the world. The different locations include various landscapes, urban places, places of religious importance, in total mostly natural locations. The camera was used like a person’s eye, capturing every movement of humanity as they are indulging in their day to day activities like a father riding his son in a bicycle in India to an Indonesian women working in a cigarette factory. The film apart from showcasing the beautiful side of the natural and artificial elements featured in it also focuses on the locations with a darker side like Auschwitz in Poland. The naturalness and authenticity of the film are further optimized by the addition of natural sounds like the onsite recordings of The Monks Of The Dip Tse Chok Ling Monastery, which flows along with the background score.

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The film baraka as a collage of images from around the world 
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