The Fundamentals Attribution Error. 

The Fundamentals Attribution Error. Write a 2000 word paper answering; I am okay and you are not okay or I am effective and efficient and you are not effective and efficient, or I and my group are okay and you and your group are not okay. There are many theories to explain the fundamental attribution error but it is generally accepted that this error arises due to differences in perception and values amongst individuals.

In this particular case there is a growing discontent among staff in the division of the firm which is providing legal services to the corporate, the corporates are hiring many of the capable legal consultants as their own employees from firms such as the one being discussed which are not able to value their employees, that the firm is only two years old and is growing in all other markets except the corporate law market. This implies that the firm’s resources and structure are not suitably aligned to serve the needs of the corporate law market. The department serving the corporate sector does not have the correct structure and reward basis required to skillfully serve the corporate demands. The corporate law market significantly differs from other law markets (property, marriage, taxation etc) in the sense that the sector is highly complex and in addition to having a very good understanding of law the service provider should also have a holistic viewpoint, an understanding of the business environment affecting its corporate clients. Corporate law generally addresses issues like entering into a transaction on behalf of the corporate, acquiring property which can give rise to conflict of interest, choosing the directors and officers for the organization and arriving at proper negotiations and assigning responsibilities to the director, officer or a majority shareholder, issuing stock and deciding upon the rights of the shareholders with respect to the corporation, issues related to mergers, acquisitions , consolidation or the termination of an organization etc. At present, the firm is having an ‘I am okay you are not okay’ mindset and this should be changed to ‘I am okay you are okay’ mindset. This can be achieved by focusing on the common objectives which are the existence and performance of the firm, presenting and discussing various case studies where teamwork has done wonders etc.

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 The Fundamentals Attribution Error. 
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