The History of the Fire Sprinkler System

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: The History of the Fire Sprinkler System. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. If a fire-fighting unit arriving at a fire finds that the sprinkler system is not receiving sufficient water and pressure, a pumper is connected to the sprinkler system to supply additional water.

The history of fire sprinkler systems began in the year 1806 when John Carey started designing systems for perforated pipes, burning strings, and plungers. When one of his designs finally became successful, John Carey became the first inventor of the automatic fire sprinkler system in England. The system had a lot of pipes with several valves which are held closely by counterweights which were also attached by strings. The system works by the counterweight dropping to the floor enabling the valves to open which releases the water and extinguishes the fire when flames burn through the string where the counterweights are attached (FPG, 2003).

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The History of the Fire Sprinkler System
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By 1812, Colonel William Congreve designed a sprinkler with perforated pipes and valves (FPG, 2003). In 1864, one member of the 1st Engineer Volunteers in London invented the first automatic sprinkler head, and his name was Major Stewart Harrison. Another important figure in the history&nbsp.of fire and fire prevention is Henry Parmelee who was the brother of Mr. George F. Parmelee, a fellow from America who brought the sprinkler to Manchester in the year 1881. This sprinkler was invented by Henry 7 years before and was known to be the first modern sprinkler. The invented sprinkler consisted of “a shell and a soldered brass cap (Wormald, 1923)”. Henry Parmelee is from New Haven, Connecticut. He was a piano maker who invented a fire sprinkler system to protect his piano factory from fire. Although Major Harrison who invented the first automatic sprinkler head and John Carey invented the first automatic sprinkler, it was Henry Parmelee and Frederick Grinell were the ones who gave the two above-mentioned inventions their most practical use (FPG, 2003). In 1882, a year after Henry’s brother&nbsp.brought his invented sprinkler to Manchester.

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