The impact of the information communication technologies

Moving through resources of radio, television, mobile phones, and the internet the deliverance process of media is today even using to their best, technologies like video conferencing and satellite broadcasting. The role that the internet has played to turn itself a popular tool has made it a much-used medium for media. Based on the strength of this medium, many derivative mediums did also come up making media available at the tip of the fingers. The technological advancements did give media a different face by the dawn of the new millennium. By the year 2000, more than 15000 songs could be stored in a small handy device with battery life of 60 continual days. Phone calls with the most of clarity could be made anywhere across the globe using tailor-made software. the personal computers could store tremendous amount of information and the television networks were made available in packages (DAW, 2002). It has been predicted that the growth of technology is to further take media more personalized for its target audience. By the next decade, the media would be targeting the virtual communities which are resultants of web-based technologies. More personalized versions of television services like having access to programs as per the time and wish of the viewer would come in popularity (DAW, 2002). The clear message is that the influence of technology on media is going to grow with time and so would be its combined impact on society.&nbsp.

Information Communication Technologies are playing a huge role in the educational process of children. Technologies pertaining to media can be well used as medium for education. Access to information in the latest model of media like the internet and customized television packages are very much user-friendly. In this context, the Internet can be used by the students to search for information that would be educative. Many academic modules have been extended through the media especially through the ones working online. This facility would make information available for children to and extend they want.

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The impact of the information communication technologies
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