The Importance of a Diverse Workforce and the Future Issues in HR and Their Impact

 The Importance of a Diverse Workforce and the Future Issues in HR and Their Impact. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Gender equality is of great significance in the workplace because only when we recognize its relevance to the society we can empower women and all others in under-represented groups and thus utilize the creativity they offer. Some of the benefits of equality include best use of human resources, flexible workforce to aid restructuring, workforce representative of the local community, and improved corporate image with potential employees and customers, attracting ethical investors, managers can integrate equality into corporate objectives, new business ideas from a diverse workforce, etc. In our business, the most valuable capital is the creativity of our artists and other employees. Thus the stereotype of a standard career person doesn’t necessarily fit the frame of our staff requirements. A blend of different cultures and traditions offers a larger variety of human experiences and beliefs. Thus there is a possibility of tapping a wider range of imagination creative potential. We also need to understand the cost of inequality like inefficiency in the use of human resources, inflexible workforce limiting organizational changes, a poor corporate image with prospective employees and customers, management time spent on grievances, and losing an industrial case which may entail bad publicity, legal fees, staff time, etc.

It is also relevant that women make a major share of all consumer purchases and are responsible for a substantial amount of purchases in the corporate purchase department as well. In the case of the top ten television programs, and in almost all cases, the majority of viewers are women. But if one goes to any advertising or related events inevitably, one will see the stage dominated by men, even if women form the majority of the audience. However, if one asks a woman inside marketing departments about their corporate brands, she will say a male superior will have to take the decision.

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The Importance of a Diverse Workforce and the Future Issues in HR and Their Impact
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