The importance of Consderation

Complete 1 page APA formatted article: The importance of Consderation. Do You Think Consideration Makes Sense? Analyze the Process a Couple Goes Through When Getting Engaged By the Terms Used For Contracting Institution


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The importance of Consderation
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Consideration is a vital element in the construction of a contract. A consideration often consists of a promise to act upon a desired act or a pledge. In addition, consideration has values that are objectively determined. For example, a promise can be through the offer of a gift or affection which is not enforceable due to the subjective nature of the promise. A promise without consideration is invalid. It is commonly referred to as a “naked promise”.

Consideration is essential because the offer and acceptance of a promise unites the parties. This constitutes an outward impression of the contract. Still, most systems of law require evidence of the intention of the parties. The evidence of intention is supplied by consideration.

In addition, consideration is important in social interactions since one cannot gauge how personal actions affect others (Raatma & Murphy, 2000). Consideration is appreciated because it shows concern for other people. It is also essential to avoid unexpected outcomes. A thoughtful consideration of unplanned consequences avoids irreparable harm to existing relationships.

The Process a Couple Goes Through When Getting Engaged By the Terms Used For Contracting

The promise of a man to marry a woman is treated as a legally-binding contract. If this contract is breached, an action is taken for the damages. In the consideration of an engagement, a person may decide to use the terms used in contracting. Firstly, the task must be clear. This involves consideration of why the engagement is imperative to both partners and the views and opinions of the other partner towards marriage. Secondly, the purpose of the engagement must be clarified. Naturally, marriage is a long-term commitment. Clarification helps confirm that both partners are ready for such a commitment to avoid consequences such as a divorce. The third step involves identification of the object. Before a man proposes, it is appropriate to ensure that the chosen partner is the right person. After that, one selects the engagement technique. Choose a technique that is agreeable and best suited for the partner. Lastly, an engagement plan is formulated. This should not be a complex plan, but clear and straightforward plan of one’s intentions of commitment (Sullivan, 2012).


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