The Initial Orientation Program.

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: The Initial Orientation Program. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The orientation program is very important and hence, it needs to be made a priority. With the unprecedented volatility and mobility in the labor markets, especially applicable to the retail industry, many workers are either completely inexperienced or experienced in allied fields. The following sets of guidelines will be adopted during the implementation of the orientation program for the newly hired salesclerks. A sound orientation program, also known as induction into the company is essential (Owler, 2007). Here,

“The program includes core classroom offerings by the human resources team, classroom, and online offerings from the core learning organizations, and peer mentoring to assist in the on-boarding process. Each new employee receives information about the company’s mission, culture, and commitment to corporate citizenship. He is introduced to the resources available to understand corporate processes and tools, as well as employee benefits. The HR team also conducts a series of check-ins with new employees and managers“. (Owler, 2007)

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The Initial Orientation Program.
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In fact, contrary to popular conceptions of orientation, this activity always precedes other training activities. It is also imperative that the orientation program is well planned and smoothly integrated with the recruitment process. Considering the fact that orientation is a process and not an event per se, enough time need be allotted to this starting phase of the induction program, so that the new recruits are not rushed into their roles without fully gaining an understanding of the wider responsibilities and expectations that their jobs require of them. Elucidating to the new salesclerks about the broader interests of the departmental chain and its responsibility in the context of society is particularly important. The following passage serves as a useful guideline, to be adapted to the orientation program of the salesclerks.

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