The letter for the esl program in ashland university

The letter for the ESL program in Ashland Introduction Ashland has a strong program, but can be improvedin some areas. As the program is mostly focused on speaking and lessoning, it is very hard for students who come from different countries and speak different languages to catch up in those areas. They give the two abovementioned areas most of their time forgetting that it is important to pay more attention to grammar, reading and writing. The program is good but it has its strong and weak sides.

What is really good about that program is that the instructors are really accustomed to working with international students as they help us a lot. It is not very easy to work with international students as they usually do not know the language well, so it is not very easy to communicate with them and it is very difficult to teach them. The instructors do their best to give students the time and knowledge they need to succeed. Also there is a laboratory available for students to improve phonetics and phonology of the English language. It is really helpful in language learning.

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 The letter for the esl program in ashland university
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As it was mentioned above, the program lacks focusing on the skills of writing and reading. It is important to organize book clubs and group reading with international students so they have more practice in reading and analyzing the text. It is important to spend more time reading and writing in order to improve the language skills. Many students face serious problems in writing in English, so writing practice is also very important. Learning more English will help students face fewer problems with the academic life. It will be easier for them to study.

What is also important for the program is the need to focus on the developing close interaction with the student and work hard to build the students’ language and their ability to adapt to this environment. Also it is necessary to focus on mixing the international student with the American students to catch up informal language and to have the experience they should have. The essential thing to mention is that the program should provide the students with the classes depending on the development of the student and his needs.

The last thing that must be mentioned is that in every program there are good sides and bad sides. Ashland University is not an exception. However, everyone should know his own needs, abilities and weaknesses and everyone should have an opportunity to gain more knowledge in the area that he considers to be his weakness. Learning how to write is not just a skill, it is a passion. Everyone can write but not everyone has the ability to become a writer. So, I personally learned a lot in ESL program but I did my best to develop myself and become a better writer. They taught me who to write, but I needed more practice. I know that with the help of the writing studio and with the practice my writing will become better.

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