The Life and Work of Countess Markievicz.

Our paper should be a minimum of 2750 words in length. Her family was evidently well-connected in the country. in 1887 she was presented at the court of Queen Victoria, where she was called “the new Irish beauty.”

In her teenage years, Constance enjoyed her place among the Anglo-Irish aristocracy and was regarded as a fine horsewoman and an excellent shot (Riordan). She was extremely passionate about art and studied at the Slade School in London, and later at the Julian School in Paris. It was here where she met and fell in love with her soon-to-be husband, the Polish Count Casimir Dunin-Markievicz. He too was from a wealthy family who owned extensive estates in Ukraine. Her career as an artist developed and in 1903 she moved to Dublin and set up as a landscape artist. At this time, Dublin was a thriving city and home to many artists, actors, and writers. Four years later, she helped to set up the United Arts Club, which sought to bring together all artists in the city (Riordan).

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The Life and Work of Countess Markievicz.
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There are two important factors which propelled Constance into political action. Firstly, the influence of the Irish poet William Butler, who, on his many visits to her parents home Lissadell, told Constance tales of Irish mythology, folklore, and his political ideas. Historians have recognized his influence on the Countess. Secondly, in her rented cottage at Dublin, whilst working as an artist, Constance found copies of the Peasant and Sinn Fein, revolutionary publications which enlightened her in the Republican cause. She felt “stirred to action” and instantly became devoted to the cause (Riordan).

In 1907, Constance joined the group Inghinidhe na hÉireann, the Daughters of Ireland. This group had been formed in 1900 by a small group of women in Dublin. The group was a response to women’s exclusion from other militant Nationalist organizations and at its heart was the commitment to free Ireland from British rule.&nbsp.

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