The Log Book: Sachet Packaging.

I will pay for the following article The Log Book: Sachet Packaging. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. In this respect, I decided to generalize on the food products that are packed in sachets. It is important to note that Week 1’s activities were fundamental for the successful completion of the project given the fact that it was to provide the right direction and framework.

Drafting the outline of the paper was very fundamental in providing me with the right direction to follow especially during the process of developing the rough draft and final draft of the research report.

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The Log Book: Sachet Packaging.
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Drafting of the outline was done with the help from different personnel, which included my colleagues who were also involved in writing their own reports. I also consulted widely from various sources containing such reports.

In the second week, the tasks or activities were purely on identifying the right articles and books to use that provide a discussion on sachets as a way of packing products. It is always important to identify the right books and journal articles discussing a given topic in order to ensure that all the points and analysis are right and appropriate. In identifying the right articles and books, I used different engines such as Google, Google Scholar, Proquest, Emerald, and other normal articles. I must admit that finding the articles was quite challenging given the fact that the project had identified the use of sachets. Even though sachets have been used for a long time, the majority of researchers have not taken a keen interest in the same. Indeed, the activity of article and book searching proved to be fruitful in the following weeks.

Week 3 the activities and events were seriously challenging, tiresome, but very fundamental to the development of the research project. Various events or activities took place in week 3. The events or activities included the following:

I developed or drafted the introduction to provide a general description of the topic as well as the main areas or aspects of the project.&nbsp.

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