The Managers Guide to Becoming Great

The response and action of Tim to talk with both Maggie and William independently was appropriate for this case. This is because the sharing process of the information resulted in the identification of individual concerns. However, I would have acted as a mediator and invite both Maggie and William in the mediation table. The mediation process would then result in solving of the pertinent issues between Maggie and William.

Question 5

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The Managers Guide to Becoming Great
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The pertinent leadership issues pertinent in this case are problem-solving and team leading and management. This is because Tim, who was managing the diabetes clinic, was faced with a challenge of resolving the relationship conflict between Maggie and William. In addition, Tim was not in a position to create and manage an effective team for the diabetes clinic staff members.

In order to manage this situation, I would ensure that I develop the team effectively. This would include the identification of weaknesses, strengths, and talents of the staff members (Pingree, 2011). Further, I would embrace the element of communication, which would facilitate decision-making and sharing of information. This would create an ethical culture where employees respect each other.

Question 6

The significant issue in the case was team building and management. This is because the staff members in this clinic could not work in unison. In additional, ethical culture was a significant issue in the case. This was evidenced by the conflict in the relationship between Maggie and William.

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