The Marketing Strategy Project

This is a feasibility report for the establishment of nightclubs in the United Kingdom. An organization that is currently operating some nightclubs in the United States seeks to expand into the European market and is interested in targeting its preliminary efforts in the U.K. This country has a vibrant history of active nightclub life with the latest record labels and new artists being introduced here. The New York nightclub that has opened several facilities across the United States using the same principles of urban music, designer food and décor and good food and music and the organization has experienced some degree of success and is in a&nbsp. healthy position to consider expansion into the European market. The U.K. scenario: The selection of the U.K. offers several advantages. Next, to the United States, it has the highest proportions of nightclub traffic. The common language of English used in the UK reduces barriers that may be created by communication difficulties.&nbsp. New York City laws on smoking and noise control have resulted in the loss of some business for the nightclub and this is aggravated by the fact that the customers are not loyal to one club but are constantly on the lookout for the latest hot spot (Crains, 2004). However, in contrast, the UK offers the facility of a new Licensing Act that provides for a 24 hour, composite license to open and operate a nightclub, provide drinks, refreshment and entertainment. Several of the trendy new pop artists who are gaining popularity is from the U.K., as are film and media personalities including the famous Rowling. Consumers in the UK are young, savvy, trendy and contributing significantly to the success of nightclub-related ventures and new record labels. Therefore the UK offers an exciting new market for the U.S. Company to consider. On the negative side, a research study conducted by the Mintel group(2004) shows that nightclubs in the U.K. have been struggling for the past two years due to increased competition from other leisure time activities, including summer music festivals.

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The Marketing Strategy Project
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